Irina Papuc
Irina Intern
Irina has a degree in Physics, and enjoys geeking out with the best of them. In her spare time, she works on an organic farm, reads comic books, and ponders the mysteries of the universe. In her unspared time, she is a writer and member of the social enterprise startup SolarCubed.


On The Rise: Why Africa Is The Next Big Tech Scene

The second-most populated continent is quickly gaining ground as a prominent world player, particularly in the technology sector. Indeed, 2012 has been a busy year for the African tech scene.  [Read More]

Reddit: Why Is Wikipedia Running Out Of Editors?

The verdict is in: Wikipedia is running out of admins and editors. But why it is happening is another story. Reddit readers weighed in on the root causes for many burning their Wiki-loyalty cards.  [Read More]

BREAKING: You Can Now Purchase .Africa Domains

After a prolonged discussion since last year, the flood gates opened today, and registration requests for .Africa names are now being accepted.   [Read More]

At 36.7M Frames Per Second, STEAM Camera Proves To Be Powerful Cancer-Detec...

At a lightning speed of 36.7 million frames per second, the STEAM camera is the fastest in the world, making it a powerful candidate for cheap and fast cancer detection.   [Read More]

Sell Your Stuff To Help Your Local School With My School Swap

With hundreds of American schools falling in disrepair and billions in costs required to modernize the educational system, this social enterprise startup's aid could not come at a better time.   [Read More]

Plan Better Trips With Roadtrippers

When you plan out the next Great American Roadtrip this summer, Roadtrippers can help you find the offbeat, cool, and downright local hotstops along the way.   [Read More]

Can You Measure Employee Happiness? WorkityWork Says ‘Yes’

The recently launched web service WorkityWork engages working teams by sharing daily triumphs, tracking vibes, generating morale polls, and touting milestones.   [Read More]

Groapp Helps Startups Stay Organized

Young entrepreneurs face many challenges. Wading through the ocean of web apps that come with starting a company should not be one of them. Enter Groapp, your organizational solution.  [Read More]

Finding Higgs: CERN Physicist Dishes Out What’s Next

Physicists had good cause to celebrate this Fourth of July with the discovery of the ever-elusive Higgs boson. Techli asks a CERN physicist: what's next?  [Read More] Knows What You’re Doing

Think back on some of those more private Facebook status updates you've indulged in. They may be posted on the tell-all site WeKnowWhatYou', a regurgitation of the bad and the ugliest that Facebook has to offer.   [Read More]