WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com Knows What You’re Doing

By July 6, 2012

Think back on some of those more private Facebook status updates you’ve indulged in. Perhaps something like, “Spent a long hungover tired day at work with the headphones on, got  done so I earnt my wage.” “Listened to old Oasis tunes alot of the time. Forgot how fckin good they were.” “Like this video, well told story.”  This post, said Colin K. a few hours ago, is not something I snatched from a friend’s page. Heck, Colin and I aren’t even friends.

Same goes for Donovane van D., when he eloquently put it: “I LOVE MY WORK, I JUST HATE MY BOSS!!!!!”

Their private confessions, like thousands of others, are posted on the tell-all site WeKnowWhatYou’reDoing.com, a regurgitation of the bad and the ugliest that Facebook has to offer. Recently launched by 18-year-old British web designer Callum Haywood, the site has thus far garnered over 29,000 Likes and over 5,500 Tweets, along with immeasurable Facebook drama.

When asked what prompted him to start this project, Haywood said that he created it “to show that there is a real problem with people sharing too much private information without controlling who can see it.” And while no data from Facebook is being stored or collected to incite anger over privacy, Haywood keeps the lines open in case anyone has a complaint: “I have not heard anything from anybody that has been featured on the site, however there is a report form and I am happy to deal with such requests.”

So how does the site work? The website automatically streams content via Facebook’s graph API, Foursquare location, and identity check-ins. The content is then automatically sorted into four categories containg the spew of the human race:

Who Wants to Get Fired?

In rhetorical jest, this column gives readers a chance to encounter bitching at its finest, ranging from confessions of hatred to one’s boss to…confessions of hatred to one’s boss.

Who’s Hungover? 

By far the most popular category (would certainly get the psychologists thinking), this column gives people a chance to vent about the ills of irresponsible alcohol consumption, and the aftermaths of coping with the real world.

Who’s Taking Drugs?

The title says it all. Mostly centered around weed products, this column gives the 420 crowd a virtual voice.

Who’s Got a New Phone Number?

No Facebook confession site would be complete without the ubiquitous new-phone-number declaration. Now, the whole world could know it too!