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Send Mail To Toys With Toymail

With Black Friday exactly one week from today, it’s only fair that you have an alternative to this crazy shopping day, especially if you’re looking to get the kids in your life something really special....  [Read More]

Amiigo: Fitness Bracelet For iPhone And Android Blows Away Funding Goal

“I’m an athlete,” said David Scott, one of the cofounders of new exercise bracelet Amiigo. “I don’t need to push to the absolute limit and I still like to eat and talk to my friends....  [Read More]

New High-Tech Chicago Gym Manned By Digital “Staff”

When it comes to science fiction stories where all mundane service jobs are taken over by robots, the future is now. One local Chicago gym chain operates 24 hours a day without a single staff member thanks to digital devices that monitor everything from indoor activity to guest identity.   [Read More]

Must Have Items For Startups

As an entrepreneur, there are a few tools that I can’t live without. Here are 10 must have items for startups that will allow entrepreneurs to optimize their time and their sanity.   [Read More]

Gamepad Keychain Set To Bring Tactile Controls To Mobile Devices

LA company Black Powder Media has just launched a Kickstarter to solve the pain and clunkiness of touchscreen controls with the iMpulse, a multifunctional mini controller keychain.   [Read More]

Celebrating Ingenuity At Portland’s Mini Maker Faire

The Mini Maker Faire events happen in cities across the world as part of the larger Maker Faire movement based on the original faire held in San Mateo, California in 2006. Unlike art fairs where the work is available to purchase and not to touch, Maker Faires are meant to be experienced.  [Read More]

Etsy For Electronics: Marketplace For Gadget Tinkerers Tindie Moves From Si...

While Kickstarter may be the place to raise money for a massive hardware project, Tindie is the marketplace for homemade gadgets, kits, & parts.   [Read More]

SmartThings Transforms Your Home Into A Network Of Gadgets

SmartThings has successfully created a platform in which everyday household items can be connected to a network to improve their efficiency and purpose, with the whole system fully-controlled through a simple smartphone app.  [Read More]

4moms Raises $20M To Bring Robotic Baby Products Worldwide

4moms, the company behind an array of high tech baby products including a self-folding stroller equipped with an LCD dashboard, has just finished a round of fundraising to bring their unique brand of futuristic childcare gadgets worldwide.  [Read More]

Smarter Handsets Aren’t Necessarily Better Phones: Report

The dissonant implication of Pew's findings is that powerful, expensive handsets are not necessarily serving as better phones  [Read More]