Samuel Weigley
Samuel Weigley
Samuel Weigley is a freelance writer living in St. Louis, where he was born and raised. Before moving back to his hometown, he spent the last two years living in New York, where he wrote for several different business publications. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and USA Today, among many others. Follow on Twitter @SWeigley.


St. Louis Startup Aisle 411 Releases ‘Shops’ App

In-store shopping continues to get easier and easier with Aisle411. The St. Louis-based company has just released its new Shops mobile application for both iOS and desktop that will help shoppers find more than 2...  [Read More]

St. Louis Startup Apse Revolutionizes RNA Production

Preventing insects, diseases and weeds from destroying crops is one of the biggest challenges — if not the biggest challenge — in agriculture today. Apse is looking to solve that problem with a new technology...  [Read More]

Missouri Technology Company Funding Startups

There are many different avenues to get your startup funded: bank loans, family loans, as well as venture capital and angel investors. The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) allows some companies to receive funding, both in...  [Read More]

The Key to Successful Crowdfunding – Build a Crowd

  John Coveyou has become a crowdfunding whiz of sorts. In early 2014, Coveyou had his first crowdfunding campaign experience when he decided to raise money on Kickstarter for Linkage, a DNA card game. His...  [Read More]

Eat Kid Friendly: Eat Out With Your Kids

Brandon Lance’s inspiration to start Eat Kid Friendly, a restaurant review website, stems from where probably most restaurant theme-businesses are started – a love of food and restaurants. “My wife and I love going out...  [Read More]

Entrepreneurs Thriving, Adding Jobs in St. Louis

Entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area are thriving — and they’re bringing job growth with them. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which is a network of entrepreneurs worldwide, produces a biannual survey that measures a variety of...  [Read More]

Louisville Startup Red e App “Dropbox for the Hourly Worker”

When full-time office employees want to share important company documents, they use products like Google Drive or Dropbox. But what about the waiter, retail salesman, oil rigger or assembly line worker that doesn’t have access...  [Read More]

YieldLab Co TerViva Turning Distressed Land Around

The agriculture industry is currently in a conundrum. There is a rising global demand for food and fuel, but the land area where crops can be grown has diminished over time. TerViva is one company...  [Read More]

Yield Lab’s Arvegenix Looks to Help Stabilize Crop Growing

Those in the business of agriculture understand the up-and-down nature of their business. Sometimes, crops are plentiful and sales are great. Other times, not much production takes place. Companies big and small have long worked...  [Read More]


Interested in learning more about and meeting people in product management? Want to do so without having to shell out big money to attend a conference? If so, you might want to check out ProductCamp...  [Read More]