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Will Glass Go Mainstream? OnTheGo Platforms Creates SDK To Help With That

Four years ago, Ryan Fink, CEO of OnTheGo Platforms, began working on a running application called Ghost Runner.  Of course, back then there weren’t “smart glasses,” really.  But, the idea was to have a heads...  [Read More]

Oh, The Humanity! 6 Benefits Of A Man In The Machine

You’d think a solid technical design would be enough to guarantee your app’s spot among the greats. However, if that were true, I would have typed this on WordPerfect instead of Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s...  [Read More]

Making The Leap To A Fully Mobile Society

  In 2013, Cisco projected there would be more mobile devices on Earth than people by the end of the year. More than half of Americans own a smartphone, and — wait for it —...  [Read More]

The Personal IOU Comes To Your Mobile Phone With GoodFor

With technology becoming more and more ubiquitous in our lives, we sometimes lose touch of those personal connections.  It’s easy to work all the time, tune people out, and focus only on the massive amount...  [Read More]

A New Vision Of The Web

Enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities is an insightful process. Often, solutions designed for a specific problem will improve life for everyone. Take automatic door openers, for example. Anyone with their hands full can push...  [Read More]

Breather Unveils Locations In NYC; Looking To SF, Boston, And Chicago Next

After closing on a $1.5 million seed round last June, Breather is now ready to unveil the first three locations in New York City.  This announcement comes after an incredibly successful soft launch in Montreal...  [Read More]

Glass Competitor Laforge Pulls Indiegogo Campaign Days After Its Launch

Remember that great new Google Glass competitor you were excited about?   (See Techli’s write-up here.) They received so much attention last week, including mentions in more than 200 media outlets, they have elected to pull...  [Read More]

Event App TicketLeap: Can They Redeem The Selfie?

“The thing about a selfie is that it’s kind of sad,” said Tim Raybould, CEO of TicketLeap, a Philadelphia-based event planning and self-serve ticketing platform.  So why would this company try to redeem it?  Well,...  [Read More]

Move Over Glass; There’s A More Fashionable Wearable Tech On Indiegogo

I won’t lie to you.  I think Google Glass looks a bit ridiculous.  It’s just not for me, but I love all the explorers out there for trying such an innovative product.  It’s always fun...  [Read More]

New App Lovematically: Depersonalizing The Internet One Like At A Time

I’ll admit.  When I first heard about this new web app, Lovematically, I hated it.  In fact, my reply to the person who told me about it was, “I pretty much hate this at first...  [Read More]