Aisle411, Motorola Solutions Partner To Build Smarter Shopping Experience

By May 6, 2014

aisle411 Founders Nathan Pettyjohn and Matthew Kulig

Indoor retail mapping platform aisle411 has announced a partnership with Motorola Solutions using their MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing platform to generate shopper insights and engage shoppers during their visits to the store.

“Aisle411 is committed to continually enhancing the consumer shopping experience inside a retail environment,” Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO of aisle411, said in the announcement. “Combining aisle411’s indoor searchable map with Motorola Solutions MPact Platform allows retailers to take the shopping experience one step further by messaging the shopper with unique information and offers based on a shopper’s location within the store, and generate powerful shopper insights that can help plan product offerings and store layouts.”

Aisle411 is an indoor retail mapping platform used on a mobile device that helps consumers quickly find what they are looking for in a retail store– an indoor Google Maps of sorts. Among aisle411’s clients are national retailers such as Walgreens and Home Depot, along with local chains such as Schnucks and Shop n’ Save.

The new partnership will strategically place Motorola MPact “Beacons” throughout a store that is equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology. From there, aisle411’s platform interprets the beacons, store location and shopper intent to deliver relevant messages such as asking a customer if he or she needs assistance or displaying coupons for items that are nearby.

The St.Louis-based company has certainly garnered a lot of attention and, in turn, a lot of investment dollars. In September 2013, aisle411 raised $6.3 million in Series A funding led by local venture capital firm Cultivation Capital. The company has raised more than $10 million since its founding in 2008.

Motorola Solutions is an enterprise solutions firm that was formerly Motorola Inc. It is not to be confused with Motorola Mobility, the handset unit that was split off in 2011 and bought by Google later that year.

“Motorola Solutions is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of in-store technologies to enhance the shopping experience,” Girish Rishi, senior vice president of Motorola Enterprise Solutions, said in the announcement. “Aisle411 is a leader in providing retailers with inventory searchable store maps designed to engage shoppers and help retailers increase store sales.”