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Portland Startup Leaders To Nancy Pelosi: Change Immigration Policy

When House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi appeared at the Portland offices of startup Urban Airship, Portland startup leaders expressed concern over U.S. immigration policies.   [Read More]

Teensy Tweets #2: Yahoo’s New CEO

It's time for your weekly installment of Teensy Tweets, and today we hear about Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Mayer  [Read More]

Google’s Vic Gundotra: Don’t “Screw Over” Developers

A Google executive joined a pile-on this week on social social giant Facebook, which has been accused of using bully tactics to shut down perceived rivals  [Read More]

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman? #Infographic

Being a super hero without any super powers isn't cheap, just ask Batman. While his propensity for vigialantee justice might be innate, Bruce Wayne's mere mortal status means he has to shell out super bucks for his crime-fighting abilities.  [Read More]

In The Internet Age, Snuggling Becomes A Commodity

Are we desperate enough to resort to paying a complete stranger to snuggle with us? If so, Jackie Samuels, the social work graduate student charging $1 per minute for you to cuddle with her, may be onto something.   [Read More]

On The Rise: Why Africa Is The Next Big Tech Scene

The second-most populated continent is quickly gaining ground as a prominent world player, particularly in the technology sector. Indeed, 2012 has been a busy year for the African tech scene.  [Read More]

Reddit: Why Is Wikipedia Running Out Of Editors?

The verdict is in: Wikipedia is running out of admins and editors. But why it is happening is another story. Reddit readers weighed in on the root causes for many burning their Wiki-loyalty cards.  [Read More]

BREAKING: You Can Now Purchase .Africa Domains

After a prolonged discussion since last year, the flood gates opened today, and registration requests for .Africa names are now being accepted.   [Read More]

The Internet Pleads With New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer To Fix Flickr

Today is Marissa Mayer's first day on the job as the new CEO of Yahoo. Technology junkies across the Internet already have an agenda for her: fix Flickr.  [Read More]

PollBuzzer Crowdsources “Blindingly Fast” Market Research

Noah Seton found himself wondering why there wasn't a platform to quickly gather data on a few points, and ultimately decided to create one in the form of Boston-based startup PollBuzzer.  [Read More]