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Opinsy Is A Social Graph For Demonstrators, Revolutionaries

At least on the surface, Opinsy conforms to the ultra-typical web startup model. Look a little closer, though, and the site has a very serious edge: a prominent clip shows burning cars, street demonstrations, soldiers, and riot police, set to a mellow electronic soundtrack.  [Read More]

Cards Against Humanity: The Party Game for Horrible People

Self-described as the "party game for horrible people," Cards Against Humanity is a dark-humored, MadLibesque card game alternative not for the faint of humor.   [Read More]

TipTheWeb Is An Internet Tip Jar

A Flattr-like service based in Newton, Massachusetts is looking to shake up online revenue by giving readers a new option for showing their appreciation for online content with small monetary donations.   [Read More]

Mocial is the New Social: Picking Howard Tullman’s Brain

How do we even begin to describe "mocial" to our grandparents? Could we ever really expound it? A mix of mobile + local + social, the term encompasses universal human concepts ("social," "local," the like) with vastly different connotations than their historical predecessors.  [Read More]

Taking ‘TMI’ To a New Level: Do We Share Too Much Online? [Info...

With 800 million Facebook users worldwide and 2 billion "likes" per day, are we giving away too much online?   [Read More]

Bright Aims To Be The OkCupid Of Job Hunting launched with a splash Tuesday, and it seems to have taken some cues from the world of online dating.  [Read More]

Pearl: Probably Not A Quora-Killer

Expert query service JustAnswer, which rebranded as Pearl, and Quora both answer questions, but that's where the similarity ends.  [Read More]

Why Do Startups Fail? An Analysis of 3,200 High-growth Technology Startups

From the amount of investments and aqusitions announced everyday, it is easily forgotten that 11 out of 12 startups fail. But why?  [Read More]

Team Creates LEGO Turing Machine To Honor Alan Turings 100th Birthday

A Lego Turning machine was built for CWI's exposition "Turings Erfenis" in honor of Alan Turings one hundredth birthday this year.  [Read More]

Etsy Scholarship Boosts Female Hacker School Attendance 23-Fold

An Etsy scholarship likely played a role in jolting the number of women who are attending this session of Hacker School — by a tremendous margin.  [Read More]