Don’t Believe The Skype? Vonage Mobile App Takes On Microsoft

With the addition of video calling to the Vonage Mobile App, there’s a new player in the game, and they’re not shy about calling out their competition.  “Don’t believe the Skype” is their tagline on...  [Read More]

Microsoft Store Will Open In St. Louis In 2013

If you were afraid that the temporary Microsoft kiosk at the St. Louis Galleria would pack it in and head back to Washington after the holidays, fear not. St. Louis is one of the cities in the U.S. that has hosted a temporary store that will transition to a permanent retail location in 2013.   [Read More]

Microsoft Makes Email Sexy With New

Presented by is a preview of modern email from Microsoft. It has a fresh and intuitive design, it connects your email to useful information from Facebook and Twitter, and it gives you a...  [Read More]

Microsoft Vs. Apple: A Tale of Two Stores

Last weekend, I wandered into the Microsoft store with my husband and a friend to witness the fanfare of the Windows 8 release on Microsoft’s home turf. What I found was unexpected.   [Read More]

TagMyDoc Integrates Cloud Services, Microsoft Office Into Mobile Doc Sharin...

TagMyDoc allows anyone to embed a QR code onto a physical document, enabling anyone who would like a digital copy to retrieve it on a mobile device without having to ask to have it sent to them.  [Read More]

Microsoft Awards Creative Hackers In BlueHat Competition

This past week Microsoft awarded creative hackers with more than $250,000 in prizes in its first annual BlueHat Prize competition.   [Read More]

Microsoft Lauches Rolling Startup Incubator ‘Bing Fund’

Microsoft’s newest Bing incubator program surfaced today with the launch of Bing Fund. The new angel investment fund will be a rolling incubator program for startups focusing on either mobile or web experiences.  [Read More]

Microsoft Translator Hub Will Save Languages From Extinction

This week Microsoft announced a new language translation hub that will enable users to create entirely customizable translation engines, providing a much-needed resource for preserving languages in danger of extinction.  [Read More]

Art School Student Spends Three Days Rebranding Microsoft

In a three day experiment, graphic designer Andrew Kim flipped Microsoft’s branding on its head, turning the company’s play-it-safe image into a campaign that could give Apple a run for its money.  [Read More]

Microsoft Turns Culprits In March Zbot Attack Over To FBI

Following the Zeus (Zbot) cyber attacks earlier this year, Microsoft has identified and turned over the names of two suspects to the FBI this week.  [Read More]