Think Big Partners Announces Inaugural Accelerator Class

By September 21, 2012

think big

Kansas City, Missouri-based Think Big Partners has accepted six startups into its inaugural accelerator class. The program, called Think Big Accelerator, is a twenty-two week program that will start on September 25. The startups will work at the coworking space bizperc.

The program takes 6-8% equity in participating companies with an $18,000-$24,000 investment. For companies who are not interested in investment but would like to participate to receive benefits from the accelerator, there will be an alternative track. Startups on the alternative track are charged fees for services that will range from $3,000-$6,000 per month, dependent on resources needed.

Here are the six startups accepted into the inaugural class:


H2OCloud is a cloud-based application that connects music fans to bands in a mobile-based platform. H2OCloud helps bands create more revenue through better marketing, smarter asset management and improve the overall fan experience and artist-fan interaction.


inCharge is a kiosk-based mobile phone charging station that provides digital out-of-home targeted advertising to the consumer. inCharge’s initial focus is high teledensity overseas markets.


Kahootz is a consumer-focused online calendar platform that provides users with easier ways to combine, share and manage all obligations and profiles on one easy-to-maintain social-based platform. Kahootz also enables user-controlled, privacy-enabled, permission-based business-to-consumer markets through event promotion syndication.


Keyzio has been defined as the for real estate for two people who don’t know they are trying to find each other. The Keyzio platform connects people and helps them find, buy and sell real estate that may not normally be available through MLS.


Phone2Action uses location-based mobile technology to instantly connect constituents to their lawmakers making in-the-moment advocacy easier.


Weejay is a virtual jukebox application that allows customers to control music in particular venues through mobile devices. Weejay’s venue management feature dashboard enables total control of music for a specific venue and creates better revenue opportunities for venue owners to enhance the overall patron experience.

“Once again, we were overwhelmed by both the quality and the quantity of applications we received,” said Think Big Partners co-founder Tyler Prochnow. “While the quality of their ideas alone were impressive, even more impressive was the quality of the entrepreneurs. Several of the class participants are repeat founders who have already achieved a high level of success in other ventures. We are confident that they will add significant value to the formal program we have established.”

Thing Big Partners co-founder Herb Sih emphasizes the importance of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses without moving out of state for months at a time. “The Think Big Accelerator Program will enable entrepreneurs who could not uproot their lives and move to another city for four months to build and launch companies while still maintaining other life obligations at some level”.

One of the unique qualities of the program that sets it apart from other accelerators is Think Big’s acknowledgement that second time entrepreneurs have different needs. According to the program’s website, Think Big will, “eliminate redundant education (101 and 201 knowledge level) for experienced entrepreneurs”.

Instead of a demo day, the program will have a demo week in January 2013. The exact dates have no yet been released.