What Kind Of Marketing Is Right For Your Business? Social Vs. Traditional [Infographic]

By June 27, 2012

Over the past decade traditional media advertising has been flipped on its head with the rise in popularity of the Internet and social media. Business owners are starting to recognize the need for social media in their marketing strategies as returns from traditional advertising mediums continue to dwindle.

News is now discovered rather than sought out.  Social networks and streaming apps like Hulu and Spotify now occupy the majority of the internet generation’s media consumption. With this paradigm shift comes a new need for business owners to make the transition into the digital age by establishing themselves a social media presence.

Although social media is often conceived as a “free” marketing resource, the time it takes to manage and interact with customers often takes away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. This infographic, made by the Social Media as a Service platform Kuhcoon, illustrates the cost and reach comparisons of traditional media advertising with social media marketing.

Disclaimer:  Kuhcoon’s founder Andrew Torba has written for Techli in the past. 

Inbound Marketing infographic