HackRocket Kicks Off The Summer With iOS Development Bootcamp

By June 19, 2012

HackRocket, a recently-established UK startup, will hold its first-ever iOS Development Bootcamp online this summer. The program is beginner-focused, taking novice developers through the entire process of creating and marketing their dream app during the 12 week course.

“The HackRocket iOS Development Bootcamp is designed to teach absolute beginners with a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming (such as C#, Java or Python), how to develop fully-featured iOS apps from scratch,” reads the company’s website. “By participating in sessions with successful app entrepreneurs, developers and freelancers you will learn the best strategies and tactics to successfully launch, market monetize and app on the App Store.”

The three month course will be taught by iOS development guru Bear Cahill, who has been at the development helm of apps like FlightTrackPro and ITGO, an interval training cardio app. Cahill is the author of iOS in Practice, a forthcoming book detailing the development process of seven iPhone and iPad apps.

Classes will cover a range of important development considerations for the iOS, including in-app purchases, Game Center integration, push notifications, and more.

HackRocket’s iOS bootcamp begins on July 30th and will run until the beginning of October. According to the website, there will be three classes held every week, each around three and a half hours long. The company has yet to announce the particular guest speakers and mentors who will be part of the training program.

Tuition for HackRocket’s first-ever bootcamp runs at $6,500 for the full twelve weeks – a price of admission that seems to be on par with similar programs like Code Academy. If you’re thinking about signing up, head over to the HackRocket website before midnight on July 15th to be one of 24 students on their way to making their mobile development dreams come true.

If you’re just interested in learning more about mobile app development, HackRocket offers a weekly newsletter called RocketFuel, featuring a selection of the biggest stories in app development each week.

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