Building A Start-up Team (Tips From Dating)

By May 25, 2011

Sunshine. Rainbows. Butterflies. We all know that giddy feeling.  Finding the “right one” makes all the difference.

As entrepreneurs, we can take a few tips from dating to help us find Mr.(Mrs.) Right for our start-up team. During the early stages of a business, finding the right people is critical. Because there are a limited amount of resources available, each person is vital to the success of the business.  Here are a few tips on how to find the right people:

1. Know what you need. There are so many people, yet so little time. Not everyone you meet is a good fit for your company. Take some time to figure out exactly what you need and what types of qualities you look for in a person.

2. Get out there. Meeting lots of people will increase your chances of finding the right one. Go to networking events, meet-ups, happy hours, business events, cocktail hours, workshops, and more. Meet lots and lots of people.

3. Leverage your network. Ask your friends, peers, and colleagues if they know anyone that may be interested. Ask to be introduced. Word spreads. Your network can help you find the right people.

4. Put your best foot forward. Always make a great impression on others. Look good. Talk smart. Act smooth.

5. Be selective. Explore your options. Make sure you find someone with whom you can spend lots of time.

6. Find passion. It’s not enough to have smart people; they need to have lots of passion. Find someone with whom you can make a meaningful connection, someone with lots of enthusiasm, and believes in your business or idea.

7. Evaluate their potential. Are they a good fit for the team? What do they have to offer? Are they going to help the business grow?

8. Follow-up with your date. If you like them, let them know you’re interested. Don’t be shy.

9. Beware of the honeymoon stage. Think long-term. You want your business to grow and develop; is this someone who is going to be around during the bumps in the road?

10. Make a commitment. Finally, if you find someone smart and passionate, let them know your intentions. Make sure both sides are interested and committed to working together.


All entrepreneurs have to build teams. It’s just impossible to do everything by oneself. Building your “dream team” is really going to affect the future success of your business. So choose carefully!