Instantaneous Photo and Video Sharing With Mobli

By May 26, 2011

Gil Eyal demonstrates Mobli.


Imagine seeing the world through other people’s eyes. Well now you can do just that with Mobli.

At, you can see real-time streams of visual content from around the world.  Their easy iPhone application allows users to upload photos and videos directly from the palm of their hands and share them with their friends or network instantaneously.

Users can create their own channels based on specific locations, topics, or even friend networks, in which they share their uploads with others.

Gil Eyal, the Vice President of Strategy at Mobli, demonstrated how easy it is to use the product. Within a few seconds, Gil uploaded a video of me that he took on his phone and shared it on the site. A few seconds and a tweet later, my friends were calling asking about the video. Cool, huh?

Olena on Mobli


During the Kellogg Entrepreneur Conference on May 25, Mobli was used to share pictures, videos, and updates on all the activities that were going on during the conference. Whether you were part of the conference or not, one could easily access the channel and stay updated on what was going on during the event.

Mobli gives you the power of sharing what you see right when you see it.  It empowers you to discover, organize, and interact with others in a really simple way.

Keep your eyes on this start-up. Even Paris Hilton thinks Mobli is hot! We agree, Paris.