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Evtron Closes $600K In Funding, Starts Delivering On Promise

Since first coming on the startup scene in St. Louis, Evtron CEO Andrew Mayhall has generated a fair amount of press (and even a rumor of Evtron being acquired by Facebook). Since that time, Mayhall has...  [Read More]

Israel Vicars Transitions From VC To Entrepreneur With Evtron

Known as the guy who knows everyone in the burgeoning St. Louis startup ecosystem, Israel Vicars believes he has found the perfect situation in Evtron. “Working with Evtron is exciting,” said Vicars. “We have some...  [Read More]

Evtron’s CEO On Facebook Acquisition Rumors

Today is one of those days I get to have a laugh at mainstream media (it happens often). Consider Evtron: Techli first reported on Evtron here: 19 Year Old Wunderkind CEO Lands Slot At DEMO...  [Read More]

Evtron: 19 Year Old Wunderkind CEO Lands Slot At DEMO

When most eight year old kids were playing with action figures, Andrew Mayhall started wondering if he could find a way to build a high efficiency server. Eleven years later, he’s convinced he’s cracked it....  [Read More]