Israel Vicars Transitions From VC To Entrepreneur With Evtron

By January 4, 2013

Known as the guy who knows everyone in the burgeoning St. Louis startup ecosystem, Israel Vicars believes he has found the perfect situation in Evtron.

“Working with Evtron is exciting,” said Vicars. “We have some great stuff happening and will have some big announcements in the very near future.”

Formerly an Associate Partner with Cultivation Capital, Vicars had always been looking for what he calls the “right entrepreneurial opportunity” for him to grow with.

Taking over the Director of Operations role at Evtron, Vicars is working with CEO and founder Andrew Mayhall and Director of Technology Brady O’Brien. (Techli covered Evtron here, here and here).

Speaking from their new 2,000 sq foot office build out being worked on in T-REx, Vicars spoke highly of Cultivation and is excitement for Evtron’s progress and future outlook.

“Working for Cultivation Capital and helping grow it to where it is has been very gratifying,” said Vicars. “I loved every minute of it, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work with Evtron. It’s really giving me a chance to grow as an entrepreneur.”

When asked about Vicars’ departure, GP of Cultivation Capital, Brian Matthews had this to say: “Israel is a born entrepreneur, and we look forward to seeing him achieve success in his new role with Evtron.”

A point of pride for Vicars has been Evtron’s local impact. “All our products are manufactured within 50 miles of St. Louis- from iron ore to finished chassis.”

When asked if Evtron is going to stay in St. Louis, Vicars has this to say: “We are definitely open to the idea of co-locating near where our biggest customers are but plan to always have a presence in St. Louis.”