Jason Rowley
Jason D. Rowley does not like being wrong. He is a writer, startup founder, sometimes landscaper and gardner, and his library’s best customer. Jason is heavily involved with the entrepreneurship scene at the University of Chicago, where he studied political science before “taking a break” (e.g. dropping out, noncommittally) to work with his classmates on his current project, which will debut shortly. He’s written voluminous, ripsnorting articles for Flyover Geeks (now Tech.li) for over six months and publishes on Tuesdays. Edward Domain and others have described him as “obstreperous”, a label he wears with not inconsiderable pride. Jason, in spite of these claims, is a pretty nice guy.


Editorial: Hey, Paul Graham, It’s Not About Facebook

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham tells portfolio companies to prepare for some lean times. Facebook did not need to be his whipping boy.  [Read More]

Facebook’s New Camera App For iOS Is… Surprisingly Good

Facebook's new Camera app for iOS offers a blazing-fast, beautifully-designed way to take, edit, share and view photos on the social network  [Read More]

Zuck Loses Billions As Facebook Shares Sink, But Does It Matter?

Facebook shared dipped below their IPO price on their second day of trading, Mark Zuckerberg's net worth declined accordingly, but does this all really matter?  [Read More]

Anonymous Leaks 1.7 Gigabytes Of Data From The Bureau Of Justice

Members of hacktivist group Anonymous claim to have leaked some 1.7 gigabytes of internal emails from the Bureau Of Justice, a US government agency.  [Read More]

WikiLeaks Launches Anonymous, “Encrypted Facebook” For Hacktivi...

WikiLeaks announces the launch of Friends of WikiLeaks (FoWL), an encrypted social network for hacktivists, whistleblowers and WikiLeaks sympathizers.  [Read More]

Anonymous Takes Down City Of Chicago, CPD Websites In Protest Of NATO Summi...

Members of Anonymous have taken down the websites of the City of Chicago and Chicago Police Department in protest of the NATO summit being held in Chicago.  [Read More]

Facebook Closes More Or Less Flat On IPO Day

Shares in Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) closed more or less flat at $38.23 after a tumultuous IPO day plagued with technical difficulties. Many institutional and retail investors have not yet received order confirmations, even hours after orders were...  [Read More]

Updated: Trades In Zynga Frozen On Steep Declines After Facebook Opens

Shares in social gaming company Zynga plunge on the Facebook IPO.  [Read More]

Someone Is Willing To Pay $4000 A Share For Facebook

Someone reportedly is willing to pay as much as $4000 per share.  [Read More]

BREAKING: Germans Bidding $74 For Facebook Shares

Facebook now trading at around $70/share in Frankfurt. Up from IPO price of $38.  [Read More]