Benjamin Bathke
Benjamin Bathke
Benjamin came to Missouri all the way from Germany to get a Master's degree in Communications at Lindenwood University. In the spring of 2013, he sailed around the world on a ship with 600 college students and 10 startups, which made him realize that he wants to pursue a career at the intersection of journalism and entrepreneurship. He is an avid traveler, football player (American football, yes), and collector of new ways of thinking.


Niche Social Network Puts ‘College Life In Your Pocket’

Kampus, a new social networking app, is leveraging what made social media giant Facebook successful before it became a global phenomenon.  It lets users interact exclusively with students enrolled in the same school. The smartphone...  [Read More]

St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014

According to the newly released Accelerate St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014, the greater St. Louis region demonstrates “unprecedented growth and strength of the regional ecosystem for tech-based startups.” The document, which is released...  [Read More]

TEDxWUSTL – Rethinking Connection

[View the story "TEDxWUSTL - Rethinking Connection" on Storify]  [Read More]

Taking Your Startup International

On Wednesday evening, Globalwise Communities founder & president Shawn Mahoney shared his expertise about taking your startup international at the TechArtista Coworking Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Here are a few key points from the...  [Read More]

Unreasonable At Sea: Empowering People With Cooking Stoves (Part 4)

Imagine spending 30 percent of your income on cooking fuel, inhaling the equivalent of 20 cigarettes daily while preparing meals for your family, and having to send your daughter to collect fuel for hours every...  [Read More]

Unreasonable At Sea: Africa Is Hearing Again (Part 3)

Sentences of this magnitude were not surprising to anyone who participated in Unreasonable At Sea. In fact, one of the most-reiterated credos on the ship was ‘CTFW’ (Stay with me. I’ll explain the meaning at...  [Read More]

Unreasonable At Sea: A Radical Experiment In Entrepreneurship (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Unreasonable At Sea series. In the opening article I described how this extraordinary endeavor came about. This week, I will dive a little deeper and introduce you to three of the...  [Read More]

Unreasonable At Sea: A Radical Experiment In Entrepreneurship (Part 1)

One of the most valuable assets of a business accelerator is something called the island effect. Essentially, it involves spending time in close quarters with other ventures and mentors for a prolonged time, which dramatically...  [Read More]