TruYuu Aims To Make Hiring Suck Less

By December 6, 2011

According to a report by The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series, there are over 10 million more unemployed individuals than the amount of job posting vacancies.  And the only thing more ominous to job-seekers than gloomy job-market statistics is in most cases, one simple piece of paper stands between them and their dream job.

Unavoidable and incredibly limiting, resumes only offer a one-page litany of  job history, accolades and achievement. While important, those brief details don’t provide  employers the information necessary to make an educated  decision or an applicant  the room to demonstrate why they are the best-suited canidate.

Resumes force applicants to say “This is what I’ve done”  instead of “This is what I can do.”  And while that may provide the employer the answer to “Are they hirable?”,  it does not answer “Is this person right for us?”

For everyone involved, hiring sucks.

TruYuu a newly launched startup based out of New York and Dallas aims to change that. The US-only online service provides a personalized hiring experience  for job hunters and hiring managers tailored to the needs of the employeer and the talents of the applicant.

TruYuu combines multiple existing talent assessment solutions and industry algorithms derived from real-life career patterns to provide both parties with a detailed understanding of potential hiring/employment opportunities.

Clients like Bank of AmericaJCPenneyMomentum and Zappos select multiple criteria, experience and values that their open position demands. Then using the insights gleaned from the applicant assessment process, TruYuu delivers the employeer  a pool of candidates that meet their specifications.

In addition to private invitations and personalized job alerts, TruYuu applicants receive a 30+ page summary  detailing profesional insights like talents, emotional intelligence, and  leadership style to help better equip them for their next application.

TruYuu’s member base already includes hiring organizations like  Hiring for Hope, Talent Drive, as well as  the university career centers of Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and Rice.