Top 10 Most Used iPhone Apps [Infographic]

By December 12, 2011

The guys over at Onavo, a software that allows smartphone owners to see which apps are consuming the most data, have compiled a new list of the 10 most used iPhone (data-using) apps. While you might not be surprised that heavy hitters like Facebook, Twitter, Shazam and Skype made the list, the app ranking no. 2, WhatsApp, is lesser known.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows users to exchange text messages without having to pay for for SMS. Last month, WhatsApp announced users were sending over 1 billion text messages a day on their platform. WhatsApp is available for the iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry. Its also interesting that Instagram, recently named Apple’s app of the year, doesn’t rank higher.

Are you surprised by the ranking?