Gentlemen: Get Fresh Kit…And Stay That Way

By December 12, 2011

With the rise of the Old Spice guy and Axe, men have been paying more attention to how they take care of themselves. But what about those men who don’t know what to buy period or where to look for higher quality items? Get Fresh Kit is a membership-based service delivering samples of products to your doorstep for a monthly fee of $20.

Founder Danny Levi launched another subscription based service, Lost Crates, through Chicago’s Sandbox Industries earlier this year. The continued use of subscriptions came down to the companies goals of keeping things easy and convenient. Know a dude who needs some help in the hygiene area? Gift a subscription to him and admire the transformation.

“The idea came mostly from personal experience,” said Levi. “Other sites such as Birch Box are all about sampling. We’re more about the pure convenience factor.”

After filling out the initial survey, Get Fresh Kit sends products to you. Your favorites can be sent on a regular basis as part of the Stay Fresh program so you’re never running to the store at the last minute. A recommended use period will be given for different products depending how frequent the customer expects to use it.

“These are high end brands, nothing available at Walgreens,” said Levi. “In order to restock, you would have to go several places and guys might not know where to go or would rely on a woman to buy these products for them.”

Current brands include Baxter of California, eShave, Jack Black and Alford and Hoff. Development of the brand list is in process and Levi said they hope to begin offering more soon.

After receiving products, customers can log on to review products and soon see “ tips and tutorials, like how to use the shaving brush they just received,” said Levi.