#THUNDERCLAP, #NewBoom Take On New Meaning With Launch Of Domain Tech Report

By March 13, 2013

You might be wondering, “What the heck is a #THUNDERCLAP?”  Well, it’s the new craze that is taking over the startup community in St. Louis (soon to be seen around the country) and is the brainchild of our very own Edward Domain, the Founder of Techli.

I know, that doesn’t exactly answer your question.  That’s because it’s something that you just have to experience, and the only way to do that is to watch the show.  Don’t worry. It’s not all about the #THUNDERCLAP; even though, let’s face it, that’s an awesome part of it!  This exciting new show, which debuted in St. Louis last Thursday, focuses on sharing the real stories of entrepreneurs and the emerging startup community.

What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur?  Can you build a startup in the Midwest?  Do up and coming startups experience success overnight? That’s just a taste of what the Domain Tech Report and The New Boom network is all about.  That’s right, your favorite destination that covers emerging startup news and more is taking its coverage to a whole new level.  Watch out Internet…  You just might never be the same.

Now, for our faithful readers here at Techli.com, you know that startups are awesome.  But it doesn’t come without a price.  After all, we’ve all seen the “Locker dorms” at LockerDome, the hottest startup in St. Louis and Edward’s first guest on the show.  Now, with the launch of the New Boom Network, you can see even more, hearing from the people who are on the front lines, burning the midnight oil so to speak, and pursuing their dreams.  Get ready… We’re showing you a side of the St. Louis startup community you’ve never seen.  And that’s just for starters! As Edward has said, “We are starting in St. Louis, but we’ve got big plans – the biggest and best kind.”

To all of you who have already seen the first episode, thank you for watching and sharing your feedback.  In just one week, we’ve received some pretty amazing comments.  Here’s a look at what you’ve been saying:

Fly over country?  We at Techli know that’s not true, and we’re excited to show everyone why that’s not the case.  Check out the first episode of the Domain Tech Report now, and let us know your thoughts.  Seriously.  Like it, hate it, whatever…  We want to hear from you!  #THUNDERCLAP