The Teams of Startup Weekend Chicago

By November 15, 2010

Startup Weekend Chicago was a great success. Over 56 hours teams developed 12 unique business ideas and presented them to the judges at the Illinois Technology Association

While all the ideas had merit, the overall winner was deemed to be Uber Cmd, “Uber Command”, a unique interface that allows you to text, email, or do most of your regular tasks with a simple text command. Check them out to see more.

Several of the teams said they planned on moving forward with their business ideas and it will be exciting to see how many of them are still standing in 30 days- and then a year from now!

Meet the 12 Teams of Startup Weekend Chicago #3
Posted by Chris Campbell

Team: Bubbles

Bubbles is a task management software designed for kids to learn how to efficiently manage their time, tasks and priorities. Most schools today do not teach kids these kind of skills. Our product revolves around the concept of a “Bubble”, which can be a task, an activity, or assignment created by teachers and parents. Kids then process, organize, and complete these task through a fun interface. Teachers and parents can keep track of the kids’ progress through their own interface. The completion of each bubble will result in a reward for the kid, either real (as defined by the parents/teacher, e.g.: allowance) and/or virtual (e.g. a snack for a small digital monster pet).

Team: Shave-O-Matic

Shave-O-Matic is a subscription based service for razors and razor blades. Pick your razors, choose your delivery schedule, and you’re done. Save time and money, and never think about buying razors again. You can find them online on their website, facebook and twitter.


Looking for a burger in your neighborhood? is a localized search engine for restaurant food and dishes. Type in your location, what you want, and hit search. Our results show you the burgers, not just your choice of restaurants. Your food search just got one step easier. You can find them on the web at or on twitter.

Team: The Market Swap

The Market Swap is a virtual marketplace for businesses to provide products and services to consumers in exchange for valuable market research. By diminishing the labor-intensive aspect of market research, The Market Swap makes unique customer information more affordable for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. Not only do clients gain information on their customers, they also get their product into the hands of users across the country, instantly increasing their brand awareness. Consumers can enjoy free products with the satisfaction of knowing their critical input made a difference. Check out the Market Swap website or hit them up on twitter.


Calendrag is a very simple and easy to use online social calendar interface that enhances one’s relationship with one’s intimate friend network. Nowadays there is an overabundance of online social media applications built on the premise of expanding one’s social network through superficial online relationships. I want to take social networking back to its roots, and build a website that enhances one’s social calendar with one’s REAL friends. And while there are many event-planning applications like Plancast and Eventbrite, my idea STARTS with the intimate friend network and helps them organize a robust calendar of fun events, vs. starting with a specific event and then trying to influence widespread adoption by generally superficial online friends. Check them out online at

Team: Ready Jane

An online subscription service for key essential products that are delivered to consumer’s homes at a frequency they choose. Check out the website here.

Team: UberCmd

UmberCmd is a simple dashboard for your cloud computing and social networks. It is a one-window, one-actionbar interface that solves tab-itis. Its a command central for your cloud communications, check out their website to learn more.

Team: Intourage

Intourage is an application to help you organize group activities. It facilitates better group communication, decision making and money collection.

Team: Text Me Up

TextMeUp is proud to introduce our first SMS application,, a text based messaging service and online portal to match people with like interests so they can make a meaningful connection. This service is special because it is instant, so people can create a quick and easy discussion without the hassles of actually meeting in person. It is also anonymous, which allows the people sending texts to feel safe and not have the added stress about leaving a conversation and connecting with another chatter. The mobile aspect of this product allows someone who is bored on the train or using the bathroom to use their phone as an instant gateway to a meaningful conversation. TextDateNow is extended with an online profile which allows the meaningful conversation to be taken to the next level.

Team: Little Monsters

Little Monsters is the newest addictive game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose a Monster and gain experience points by exploring and completing adventures. Then use your experience points to personalize your Monster’s super powers, appearance, and items, and set it loose to battle with your friends! The game is free to download, and gameplay is supported by iAds and virtual goods that users can use to level up faster. Users may also “gift” a monster to there friends to promote gameplay.

Team: Signal Booth

SignalBooth is an intuitive mobile and web application that connects and brings people together. Allowing you to see what your friends are up to, schedule events, and meet up. See more people, make new friends and do more things together.

Team: Cadeaux

Cadeaux Organic connects “green curious” consumers to the latest organic products and brands through a subscription based club. Cadeaux Organic also provides a channel for companies to validate demand for new organic products. Visit them online here.