Pitches From Startup Weekend As They Happen

By November 13, 2010

Here Come The Pitches!!!!

Joshua: Text Me Up A SMS Speed Dating Application for anonymous singles to text into a place and are connected to another available single and they answer a few questions and then decide whether or not to meet. Interesting. Scary. Intriguing. All at once.

Catherine: The Angel District A way to get your loved ones into Heaven- 7 steps to Heaven. You can buy tickets to heaven for deisgnated beneficiaries. There is a game site to go with it and community sharing site. A mediation part of the site as well. This sounds like a thought out business plan- lots of moving pieces here.

Jake: musefy.com For bands- bnormally they need Craigslist. Using Musify you can specify band type member you want and requirements like how much time per week for practice, etc. A craigslist/job board for bands. Pretty cool. needs technical co founder

maliha: stored solutionsA way to market new products? Not exactly sure of pitch here- needs a little more clarity

Blaine: socal Application allows people to collaborate on documents and/or spreadsheets. Sharing tool.

Chris: online calendar Take social networking back to roots. Calendar with 30 blocks where you can click and drag events into calendar. Looking for designers and programmers

Francis: qakko Network for artists to collaborate on projects. Ex: Musician wants to make music video. Film artists find band and they collaborate

Anthony event planner Weddings- planning them is a pain. Agreed. Develop an app between Open Table and Zwillow or Zip Realty. Platform where property owner for wedding posts pictures and consumers search for things they are looking for within price.

Arun middleforce.com Platform to sell products and services. Use your social network as platform to sell products and services. Your friends can post it through their networks. Very clever. Commission gets paid to everyone in chain.

Jim razorblades Shaving and razorblades: annoying to buy and replace. Agreed. Razorblade subscription website. Model exists for things like socks and underwear. UPS delivery of razorblades. Simple and solves specific problem

Noel: Urban sub market Likes Farmers markets. Bringing organic local produce to bus and el stops. A peapod system so when you get off the bus or el you pick up your pre-purchased produce at your stop. Pretty cool.

Morgan Cougar Train Women and Men need low cost personal training. Subscription service to connect college varsity athletes with middle aged women that want good looking college varsity athletes to train them. Because women want hot trainers apparently. I see marital disputes.

Colin search em Human to app interaction is behind logins and paywalls. Solution: Add your personal APIs to track- missed rest

Matthew monsterziPhone developer. Talking video games. Top grossing apps are free apps. Idea: Take app where you grow 5 monsters and they have different abilities and can attack your friends monsters- virtual currency tie in

Antoine and Ray Bubbles Bubbles? Bubbles. Interface that brings together all aspects of life- study, sports, dating, etc. Make holistic interface to share activities with others and their bubbles….not very clear.

John eat social 4 square in the future. When you check in you’re too late. Publish where you WILL BE in future- check into chipotle 15 minutes before you’re there so maybe your friends see and join you. I like this. Clear- cool- usable. I’d use it.

Adam financial coaching Financial coaching website. Microfinance, personal banking, etc. lIsting a LOT of facts- what do you need? Mission: Provide tools to do good financial making

Dave interouge Concerts. But tickets for friends, friends drop out, etc. App to post details of a concert you’ll go to. Upload cc info. Friends see who is going and decide whether or not to go. CC charged when critical mass of people decide to go. Interesting

Ben free stuff Giving away free stuff. Word of mouth. Getting demo info on people after they get free product. Fill out survey. Lots of bad actors out there claim to do that, Execution would be key

Drew cprogressive career mngmt Personal coach. Online platform how to teach people to develop their own personal brand. How to sell yourself.

Tina hot or not for food Take pictures off web of food and compare them and pick the one that looks better. Fun.

Mimi Global Fitness Pass People that hate to go to gym? She wants global fitness pass. On your phone and pay with your phone to work out at any gym anywhere.

Rob sync local Sync Local. Lots of local entrepreneurs dont get social marketing and/or dont have time. Web app (or mobile)- syncs all your social profiles with one update. Posterous clone? We’ll see

Alexis drinkbikedrink Sm. businesses don’t do advertising well. Bring groups together. Bars, coffee shops and bike shops. Hmmmm. bar crawl for bike riders? Interesting take on niche

Shruti my digital life Consolidate digital presence. track your digital life and make scrapbook out of your digital life. Make it print on demand.

Rishi doggie packs Pets. Online service where you get doggie bones and toys at frequency you choose.

Bernie gatbizAdd to existing software for municipalities.

blaine write invoices in ipad

Raphael Planit Fashion Good pitchman. take pics of your clothes and organize outfits in advance. REAL GOOD pitchman.

Sharif academic journal Hates searching for peer reviewed articles for academia. Online, free, academic site with peer reviewed articles and brings peer reviewers in.

Kaz shopwise WalMart Kmart. Cant find employees. Enter shopping list for store and be told where exactly they are in that specific store. Improves cusotmer experience. Captures customer data- push coupons, etc.

Johnathan efficiency mail Hard to manage email. Currency system around email. Schedule and pay for emails based on demand. Integrate into calendar. Virtual currency

Matt smackit iPhone game. Games anyone can play. minute long games. Make boppit for the phone. Make different nosies and do different moves.

Catherine MyHealthDistrict.com MyHealthDistrict.com talk to people about your medical issues to other people complaining about their medical issues

Mark Chronic Pain Journal Chronic pain sufferer. Doctors want ppl to journal. Idea: create site to input your chronic pain journal and it can offer advice to help you low your pain levels.

Bernie heretodaygonetomorrow Bio refinery by coal fired plant to do major recycling. Seems a bit…massive for a weekend

Jeffrey simple subscription coder making good points about three pitches here to launch several businesses at once

Drew storsignals Affluent consumers using groupon- make a very targeted offer for big spenders. $50K/yr on credit cards. offer sent to these affluent typers. Groupon + texts

Steven Tech Menus HATES pdf menus. AMEN. Websites have pdf files and they are anooying. Plan is: Digitizing restaurant menus.

Sid: thinking presentation HATES powerpoint. Heck yeah! Better presentation format. more interactive based around how you think

colin: localsales Garage sales. Hard to find. Geo enabled Garage sale finder. Also buy/sell items through app

Rishi easybirthday Facebook app that automatically wishes friends Happy Birthday.

Tom: ShopCheap Buy food cheaply, Find food deals without looking for coupons. Alert system lets you know when good deal is at stores so you know when to go

Brandon: geodatawalk past theater- it pushes message to you about whats playing. United Center does it as well. Can buy tickets through it.

Andy virtualtour In strange city want to find something to do. Augmented reality with ipad. Augmented tours for different cities/scavenger hunt, etc.

Jason oratorizeConnect undergrads who suck at writing with grad students that are better.

Raphael ServiceSwap swap service. Don’t want to move piano? Someone else willoing to do it and you do something else for them