The Journey To The Cloud #Infographic

By December 15, 2011

It’s strange to think that it was only 150 years ago that the first transcontinental telegraph was sent. From that moment on, we’ve seen rapid and consistant innovation in the ways we communicate data.

Today we live in the world of cloud computing, a concept thats roots dates back to the 1950s when scientist Herb Grosch proposed the idea that the entire world would one day operate on “dumb terminals powered by about 15 large data centers”. The idea must have seen ludicrous since the concept of the Internet was only  first introduced almost two decades later in 1969 by  J.C.R. Licklider.

From those concepts came the backbone of our modern Internet-infused culture and as we continue to learn how to better leverage cloud communication innovation is only quickening. Salesforce, a SaSS customer relationship management platform, created an infographic to illustrate just how amazing the journey of communication technology  has truly been.