SXSW: 5 Great Things About Being Minecraft’s Director Of Fun

By March 13, 2012

For those that don’t know, Minecraft is an addicting game or horrible disease depending on who you ask.  Usually it is described as both.  The game, invented by Markus Persson, is a massive success that allows players Minecraft addicts to run free in a ‘sandbox’ world and create well, anything.

Mojang is the parent company of Minecraft and based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Lydia Winters is the Director of Fun (Community Manager) for Mojang and loves her job.  She moved to Stockholm by way of Florida and was at SXSW representing the company.

I managed to peel Lydia away from her official SXSW duties for a few minutes to hear her five favorite things about working at Minecraft:


To get an idea of the insanely awesome lengths some people go to in Minecraft, check out this greatest hits video: