Startups: Register to Pitch Daugherty at Startup Voodoo 2015

By June 3, 2015


Daugherty Business Solutions is a headline sponsor of Startup Voodoo 2015 not only because they want to support SV’s mission to highlight innovation- it’s also their business.

Daugherty is a consulting agency with offices around the country and as an innovator himself, company founder and President Ron Daugherty makes it his business to know what’s happening in the world of startups so that he can better know who to present to Daugherty’s Fortune 500 clientele.

As a headline sponsor of Startup Voodoo, Daugherty is offering startup founders a unique opportunity: Any startup founder attending the conference can register to pitch their business to Daugherty.  Called, “Daugherty Pitch,” it is exactly like it sounds: There will be a separate Daugherty area at Startup Voodoo, where representatives from Daugherty will meet with startup founders and listen to their business pitch.

TeamDaugherty“We’re very excited to be a part of Startup Voodoo. Our team fully understands technology and what drives growth for large companies, and our clients are looking for innovative solutions to drive that growth,” said Daugherty Marketing Specialist Caryn Tomer. “Startup Voodoo is already a premier venue to gain attention for a startup, and we want to further that by offering invaluable feedback and possibly connections if you impress us. So, bring us your best pitch!”
For those interested, the process is simple.  First, purchase a ticket for Startup Voodoo.  If you’d like to pitch Daugherty, send an email to: [email protected]

The pitches are strictly first come, first served and Tomer will coordinate directly with the startups looking to pitch them.

If you’re a startup founder, bring your laptop in case they want to see more info, but the pitch itself will be deck free and be you telling them exactly what it is you do, so bring your A-game pitch.


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