Startup Voodoo: Startup Reputation Panel

By March 4, 2015



About Startup Voodoo: The forces of the new economy are more increasingly being driven by today’s progressive entrepreneurs, the emerging technologies, products and services they are creating, and the savvy investors behind them.

While not as high profile as the Bay area or other bastions of startup activity, the Midwest region – from Chicago to Nashville to Louisville, Kansas City and St. Louis and more – has seen a dramatic increase in startup growth and entrepreneurism continues to change the face of the former “Rustbelt” economy.

Startup VooDoo brings together thought leaders in the startup entrepreneurism space together in the center of it all – in St. Louis – to uncover the voodoo behind successful startups, exchange best practices and ideas, as well as to create connections between the Midwest and coastal startup ecosystems.


Enjoy this panel on Startup Reputation from 2014.  Our 2015 lineup will be announced soon!

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