St. Louis Entrepreneurs: You Should Be At VentureSTL Meetings

By January 15, 2014



In St. Louis, there are many groups, people and organizations growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem by the day.  This is the good news.  The bad news is that oftentimes, people find out about the latest and greatest happening too late- the great event they heard about already happened, a company that they would like to work for already hired someone, etc.

Celebrating its two year anniversary, meeting group VentureSTL is now holding meetings every two months at Lab1500

The purpose of VentureSTL meetings is for stakeholders in the community to meet, tell the other attendees what they are working on and make asks of the group.  As every good entrepreneur knows, success isn’t built in a vacuum and the people in the room are connected to people you need to talk to.

If you are an entrepreneur, tech evangelist, coder or have any kind of stake in the community, you should attend the meetings held every other month.  To get on the list, shoot an email over to Dan Lohman: [email protected]

We’ll see you at the next meeting!



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