Move Over Gravel Solar Roadways Will Have Us Driving On Glass

By November 22, 2011

Scott Brusaw is the inventor and Co-founder of Solar Roadways, a company that plans to replace our asphalt highways with solar powered high-strength glass roads embedded with LED lights.

The roads will have the capability of delivering messages to drivers such as “SLOW DOWN,” “STOP,” or anything else that could be required.

solar pannel roads innovation

The solar roadway acts as a smart grid to offer a completely new way of distributing electrical energy around the country.

Brusaw claims that if his panels were to replace the roadways in the United States using existing solar technology, the roads would generate enough electricity to power the world.

Solar Roadways successfully completed a Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) contract and as a result it has been granted a SBIR II follow up contract for $750,000 by the Federal Highway Administration.

In case this all wasn’t enough, the roads will also melt ice and snow in the winter.