Drumbi Answers “Why the hell is HE calling?”

By November 21, 2011

Your phone is ringing and the caller ID says its your great aunt Merium whom you haven’t seen since 2005. You rack your brain: Could someone have died? Should you answer? Let it go to voicemail?  WHY IS SHE CALLING???

Drumbi, a social voicecalling app for the iPhone and Android , is able to answer just that by not only telling who is calling, but why. Drumbi allows callers to offer context to the nature of the call like topic, urgency and location helping recipients prioritize and respond accordingly.

social voicecalling app

In addition to their prosumer utility,  Drumbi recently launched their enterprise application to help businesses streamline services calls. With Drumbi, businesses could eliminate the aggravating hoop-jumping process callers  go through in order to recieve the support they need and  free the caller from unecceasily long voice recordings, mind-numbing elevator music, and somewhat invasive Q & A’s ( No, I do not know my grandmother’s maiden name, why do YOU?).

Instead users would notify the business what the nature of their call is through the Drumbi app. Based on their  request, Drumbi would send the appropriate department/agent the users information and account history. With all relevant information at their finger tips, the correct representative can call the customer and offer assistance.