Kickstarter Project: Bicycles For Our Minds

By December 13, 2011

The crew loves finding cool new Kickstarter projects. Our obsession continues with a cool new project by graphic designer Michael Mulvey. The project includes a poster,decal, and wallpaper image set of Steve Jobs depicted with bicycle pedals inside of his mind.

Mulvey’s graphic design project, Bicycles For Our Minds, stems from an idea he had after hearing a quote from Steve Jobs:
“The Computer is like a bicycle for our minds.”

[youtube id=”H1crb_WFSrI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The design started out very basic, but after a suggestion from a friend Mulvey centered his design around the infamous Golden Section. For $40 you can own one of these 18″ by 24″ posters which are available in black and white. Mulvey also offers a much more affordable package or $1-$3 in exchange for 4″ by 3″ decals and a desktop wallpaper set.