Groupon and eBay Announce Co-Marketing Incentives

By October 26, 2010

Yesterday Groupon and eBay made a big announcement to introduce their “co-marketing incentives” in working together. Featured throughout eBays’ site are Groupons like the type delivered to millions of consumers’ inboxes every day; the catch here is that when someone buys a Groupon off of eBay they receive 5% of the purchase price back in “eBay Bucks.”

As Groupon is active in over 100 North American markets eBay is going to use geolocation to determine the best deals to show to people.

Groupon is undeniably growing faster than ever; what are your thoughts on this? Would you be more likely to buy a Groupon if you get eBay bucks in return? I suppose the answer to that question would be more easily answered by determining the frequency with which someone uses eBay….. I am curious to hear the thoughts of everyone on this.