Atlanta’s ClickFox Remains Unchallenged In IVR Customer Analytics Industry

By September 8, 2012

Atlanta-based analytics company ClickFox has moved deep into customer behavior analysis across a variety of web-based platforms since its launch in 2000. The company has been so successful in its field that Forbes named it one of the 10 greatest industry-disrupting startups of this year.

Following its beginnings as a web-based analytics company, ClickFox began to shift its focus from web analytics to collecting customer data on interactive voice response systems, a field which ClickFox board advisor Jeff Papows said remains nearly devoid of any serious competition. Today the company studies customer behavior across a variety of platforms, including websites, retail stores, contact centers, and mobile applications, to name a few.

The company gathers and analyzes customer experience information in order to help companies improve business operations — statistics that directly affect customer retention, satisfaction, revenue, and operational efficiency.

“The core philosophy of ClickFox is to be the leader in customer experience analytics by providing a flexible, scalable, big data solution that allows for high velocity analytics across any channel, within any timeframe, and across every customer lifecycle event,” said Papows. “ClickFox was created to force companies to learn how to better service and deliver to their customers by understanding their journey through experience analytics.”

The Atlanta company’s patented Customer Behavior Pattern Recognition Engine processes over one billion customer interactions each month, according to Papows. The company operates on a sales as a service subscription model, where businesses can feed their customer data into the ClickFox Interaction Cloud and pay to access the analytics platform for a monthly fee based on the number of interactions and channels analyzed.

ClickFox last raised $18 million in funding during a Series C round back in 2010. Previous investors in the company include Morgan Stanley, Delta Ventures, and Ascent Venture Partners.

“The gap between how much data enterprises are generating and how much of it they can actually understand is growing every day,” concluded Papows. “We’re adding industry leading customers who realize that in order to get a competitive edge they need to know as much as they can about their customers.”

Corey Cummings

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