5 Ways to Help Optimize your Desk Space 

By December 12, 2014

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You spend a lot of time at your desk, so it should be a place of peace and serenity as opposed to one that gives you a headache. Here are five ways to optimize your desk space and get you excited about coming into the office!

1. Mount Your Computer-

No more worrying about accidental spills or running out of space on your desk. By using a computer mount, you are giving yourself more options for organizing other desk essentials. Plus you can turn your computer monitor to different angles and secure it in a position where it won’t be knocked off your desk.

2. Multiply Your Monitors-

If you find yourself using multiple programs on a daily basis, or you’re simply tired of trying to squeeze everything onto one screen, then a dual-monitor set up is a must. Using multiple screens gives you a greater digital workspace; more flexibility and easier data flow between applications.

3. Desk Grommets-

It’s time to tame those wild cables and wires that are roaming free around your desk. Grommets are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit your office setting, and are idea for gathering the myriad cords at your desk. Say goodbye to tripping over cords and not being able to find your charger!

4. The Standing Desk- Simple, yet effective

By standing at your desk, you can help increase your productivity levels and you certainly will have less of a chance of falling asleep on the job. This desk will also help your body regulate blood flow, and increase your ability to withstand long e-mails and tiresome phone calls.

5.  The Treadmill Desk-

If the standing desk feels a little to stationary for you, or you don’t like the idea of standing in one place, then the treadmill desk may be right for you. Being active on a treadmill desk can help increase productivity, improve your metabolism and boost your brain’s ability to process information. Sitting too long can put you in a bad mood and even cause back pain. Keep your spirits high with a treadmill desk!

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