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Evtron Closes $600K In Funding, Starts Delivering On Promise

Since first coming on the startup scene in St. Louis, Evtron CEO Andrew Mayhall has generated a fair amount of press (and even a rumor of Evtron being acquired by Facebook). Since that time, Mayhall has...  [Read More]

Evtron’s CEO On Facebook Acquisition Rumors

Today is one of those days I get to have a laugh at mainstream media (it happens often). Consider Evtron: Techli first reported on Evtron here: 19 Year Old Wunderkind CEO Lands Slot At DEMO...  [Read More]

Evtron: 19 Year Old Wunderkind CEO Lands Slot At DEMO

When most eight year old kids were playing with action figures, Andrew Mayhall started wondering if he could find a way to build a high efficiency server. Eleven years later, he’s convinced he’s cracked it....  [Read More]