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Pocket Literacy Coach Asks, “Have You Engaged With Your Child Today?&...

“Pocket Literacy Coach isn’t designed to replace the education a child gets,” said Drew. “Its more to remind a parent, ‘Have you engaged with your child today?”  [Read More]

More Chicago Companies Hiring Now

Last week we ran a post that got some favorable feedback on Chicago tech companies that were hiring. Continuing in that vein, here are three more Chicago companie slooking to hire someone. Have a startup?...  [Read More]

The Teams of Startup Weekend Chicago

Startup Weekend Chicago was a great success. Over 56 hours teams developed 12 unique business ideas and presented them to the judges at the Illinois Technology Association While all the ideas had merit, the overall...  [Read More]

Pitches From Startup Weekend As They Happen

Here Come The Pitches!!!! Joshua: Text Me Up A SMS Speed Dating Application for anonymous singles to text into a place and are connected to another available single and they answer a few questions and...  [Read More]

Live Updates From Startup Weekend Chicago

Startup Weekend Chicago is in full swing at the ITA and Mark Bertrand is now giving everyone instructions on how the pitch sessions are about to work. The next few posts are going to cover...  [Read More]

Becoming More Efficient At Making Stuff People Want – With Brad Flor...

Upon first glance, Brad Flora's local Chicago news site appears to be running on the traditional advertising model. But a closer look reveals the ads aren't just regular banner ads; they're real time ads, created by Brad himself. I sat down with Brad to learn how he bootstrapped WindyCitizen into a profitable business and has now spun off his real time advertising idea into a new business called NowSpots.  [Read More]

Mike Evans on GrubHub’s $11M Round And What Comes Next

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans have a lot to smile about; their company Grubhub has just completed an $11 Million dollar round of funding led by Benchmark Capital to bring their total amount of financing...  [Read More]

StartUp Weekend Chicago Launches TONIGHT!

Tonight at 7 p.m. Chicago geeks of every stripe will converge on the ITA to participate in Startup Weekend Chicago, a three day crash session in a building a new startup from scratch. It is...  [Read More]

Veterans Day 2010: Do A Solid and Donate

November 11, 2010 Today is Veterans Day. Our nation remembers and gives thanks to the brave men and women in uniform past and present that do what they do to keep our nation and the...  [Read More]

Chicago Transit Tracker: Everyone Tell Jason Thank You

If you are saying to yourself, “Why is this Jason Shah dude in this story too? Didn’t we just read about Groupick?” Yes, yes you did. He’s a busy guy. Flyover Geeks likes busy people...  [Read More]