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SLU Entrepreneurial Alumni Hall Of Fame Event April 23rd

The annual Smurfit-Stone Entrepreneurial Alumni Hall of Fame event recognizes four Saint Louis University alumni for their embodiment of the Center for Entrepreneurship’s motto “Do good, do well.” This year, the Center is adding to...  [Read More]

We Are All STEM?

For someone leading an organization advocating for increased awareness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), you might expect that person to be a former astrophysicist, marine biologist or Silicon Valley player. But Cynthia Kramer...  [Read More]

Geostellar, PENSCO Trust Seek Startup Capital Via JOBS Act

One of the mysteries of the startup community has been leveraging the Federal Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which allows smaller investors to invest in private companies. And so it is with great interest...  [Read More]

7 Tips For Protecting Your Personal Data Online

In the wake of recent security holes in Apple’s iOS and OS X, what are some ways in which you can protect your business and personal data online? The following answers are provided by the...  [Read More]

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Techli TV’s Domain Tech Report With Drew Winship Of Juristat

St. Louis startups all make their way at some point to Lab1500 to be interviewed on Techli TV’s “The Domain Tech Report.” This episode features Drew Winship, Founder of Juristat. Short on time? Check out...  [Read More]

Will Glass Go Mainstream? OnTheGo Platforms Creates SDK To Help With That

Four years ago, Ryan Fink, CEO of OnTheGo Platforms, began working on a running application called Ghost Runner.  Of course, back then there weren’t “smart glasses,” really.  But, the idea was to have a heads...  [Read More]

Oh, The Humanity! 6 Benefits Of A Man In The Machine

You’d think a solid technical design would be enough to guarantee your app’s spot among the greats. However, if that were true, I would have typed this on WordPerfect instead of Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s...  [Read More]

Exchange Initiative: Using Technology To Combat Human Trafficking In St. Lo...

When Molly Hackett, a St. Louis event planner, started receiving calls from human trafficking investigators, she was floored. It never occurred to her that her expertise could aid law enforcement in curbing a fast growing...  [Read More]

Big Data And Privacy: A Discussion On Compliance, Tracking, and Transparenc...

There are many outlets that are professing this as the year of ‘Big Data.’  With the ever-increasing maturity of tools tracking users online, social networking becoming ubiquitous, and the emergence of wearable technology tracking everything...  [Read More]

Tanriseven’s GirlsAskGuys Takes Off As Opposite Sex Q&A Portal

Yeah, yeah, we know, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. But, since disparate planets have disparate cultures and languages, how are emissaries from the two worlds supposed to communicate, let alone date? Tolga...  [Read More]