Jesse Bouman
Jesse Bouman
Jesse Bouman is a stubborn entrepreneur and currently the Director of Content Strategy at Xivic Inc. Previously he founded the digital marketing agency Demeter Interactive, which was acquired by Xivic. He’s a self-described budding philanthropist, social media nerd, and technology geek. When not at his desk blogging or tweeting, he can be found at the beach, in a coffee shop, exploring LA’s hidden treasures, or playing a game of dodgeball.


Nimble: A Social CRM That’s Light On Your Company’s Wallet

Nimble is a cost-effective social CRM that allows businesses to manage their communication, collaboration, calendar and social into one simple solution.   [Read More]

Kuapay: Thinking Globally About Mobile Payments

In the wild west of mobile payments, Kuapay is building a mobile wallet that looks to tap the world’s many cash transactions and "commoditize electronic payments."   [Read More]

TidePool: Discovering Personalities From Photos

Recent San Francisco transplant TidePool is taking this statement to the next level to bring meaning to your photo preferences. The former Amplify.LA company is combining one founder’s youthful exuberance with the other’s years of scientific brilliance to create their exciting Hunch-like startup.  [Read More]

Pause And Better Monetize Your App With Kiip

A pause, that momentary beat in your everyday life that connects two sequences of action, is at the heart of Kiip’s mobile rewards strategy.  [Read More]

CasaHop: A Free AirBnB

CasaHop is a social home exchange all over the world. CasaHop leverages your existing social network to help you find the right place to stay during your travels.  [Read More]

Y-Combinator’s Ridejoy Launches iOS App

The debate as to whether or not your company should be mobile first, web second, continues to carry on as smartphones continue their torrid adoption rate. No matter what side of the argument you’re on,...  [Read More]

Los Angeles Startup ‘LoveIt’ Takes On Pinterest

A team of highly experienced Los Angeles tech entrepreneurs are looking to take down social media giant Pinterest.  [Read More]

Planana Makes Sure Your Event Has Guests

Planana is a social events promotion tool that leverages guests’ social networks and rewards them for sharing to their social networks.  [Read More]

Flowtab Brings Express Checkout To Bars

Flowtab is a mobile app that allows bar patrons to order and pay for drinks directly from their phone. But will bartenders be able to keep up?   [Read More]

Why Los Angeles Hasn’t Built A Flagship Tech Company

Los Angeles' startup scene is growing, but there is one thing that's still missing: a flagship tech company to anchor the tech community in LA.  [Read More]