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Air New Zealand’s No Ordinary Assignment Winners Spend Two Weeks in A...

Last year, Air New Zealand searched the globe to send one passionate person to Antarctica to join National Geographic photographer, Jason Edwards, on an epic adventure to help show the importance of the impact that...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Romanian-Brazilian Startup NURSE

  This article was contributed by Arthur Alves, CEO of Nurse Let’s go back to mid-2013, when the first concept of Nurse was created.  I realized that many people don’t have health insurance and, in...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Startup Lessons From Maxwell Health

By Veer Gidwaney My brother Vinay and I started Maxwell Health last year with the goal of fixing health care in America. As we’re all painfully aware, health care in this country is broken. The...  [Read More]

New App: BeeReminded Helps You See What You’re Missing

Quick, let’s play a game. Can you answer these 3 simple questions? The one rule: No Googling allowed. Zero. None. Zilch. 1. When is the season premiere date of your favorite TV show? 2. When...  [Read More]

4 Tips For An Effective Mobile Strategy That Won’t Take Millions Or Hours

In an increasingly mobile world, the marketing industry is looking to 2014 as the year of mobile marketing. And when 56 percent of consumers are equipped with smartphones, you can’t afford to forgo a strong...  [Read More]

How To Generate Social Word-of-Mouth And Turn Fans Into Customers (SPONSORE...

Word-of-mouth has always worked—and it still works. What’s changed, however, is how we can now solicit information from our networks. Sure, we still ask our friends, family, and co-workers for their feedback and share our experiences, only now...  [Read More]

HealthCare Predictions For 2014 From HooPayz CEO, Susan Lang

  What a year in healthcare!  Although I personally think the word “disruption” is over used, in this case, it does not come close to the enormous shifts occurring in healthcare.  Let’s start with the...  [Read More]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media NOW!

Not only is it a good idea for you to be where your customers are, but it’s common sense.  And, your customers are on social media.  Check out these seven reasons why your business should...  [Read More]

Looking Back: How Others’ Ingenuity Has Impacted Today’s Technology

      By Kate Voss Some ideas are so groundbreaking that they drastically reshape the world we live in, and some inventions and technological developments have become such an enormous presence in our lives...  [Read More]

Reality Check: Does Your Company Own The Intellectual Property You Think It...

When your startup approaches investors for funding, one of the first questions they will ask you is whether your company owns the key IP assets of the business developed by founders, employees, and contractors.  So,...  [Read More]