Niche Social Network Puts ‘College Life In Your Pocket’

Kampus, a new social networking app, is leveraging what made social media giant Facebook successful before it became a global phenomenon.  It lets users interact exclusively with students enrolled in the same school. The smartphone...  [Read More]

7 Social Networks (Other Than Facebook) You Can Use To Reach Teens

Since Facebook has been deemed “not cool” by teens anymore, what social networking destinations should brands be investing in if they want to reach the teen demographic? The following answers are provided by the Young...  [Read More]

Are You Looking For Social Media Success? Adopt A Cat!

So what does social media success and being a cat owner have in common? Simply put: Being a giver. Let me explain… Unconditional Giving “Dog owners are takers; cat owners are givers.” You might agree...  [Read More]

Techli Adds PushUp Social Network To Our Site, Join Us!

As Techli extends its reach, we are also looking for ways to better engage our readers.  To that end, we have added the PushUp social network to our site, and we’d love for you to...  [Read More]

How To Generate Social Word-of-Mouth And Turn Fans Into Customers (SPONSORE...

Word-of-mouth has always worked—and it still works. What’s changed, however, is how we can now solicit information from our networks. Sure, we still ask our friends, family, and co-workers for their feedback and share our experiences, only now...  [Read More]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media NOW!

Not only is it a good idea for you to be where your customers are, but it’s common sense.  And, your customers are on social media.  Check out these seven reasons why your business should...  [Read More]

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Social Media Done Right

Canadian airline WestJet has released their special Christmas video called, “WestJet Christmas Miracle,” and it already has over 29 Million views since being uploaded. “This year, we wanted to turn our holiday campaign into a...  [Read More]

Infographic: Social Media Analysis Of Obamacare

  On Techli we’ve already touched on Obamacare when I detailed my signup experience.  Social business intelligence firm Simplify 360 has created an infographic detailing the social media action around Obamacare, the biggest expansion of government...  [Read More]

St. Louis Social Media Up-And-Comer, Bonfyre, Raises Nearly $2M From New Yo...

Bonfyre, the first app to connect brands and organizations with their audiences via cross-platform, event-based micro social networks, announced today that the startup has raised $1.7 million in investment capital. The round of funding is...  [Read More]

Chicago Startup Brings Social Power To Small Businesses

  Chicago startup Social Power Hour held its third networking event Thursday night to wind down social media week. The company brings social media solutions to small businesses, while holding events to help bring more...  [Read More]