3 Socially Conscious Business Ideas that are Winning

By October 27, 2014


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There’s a new definition of success, led by a new generation of socially conscious business thinkers who are fusing business and innovation together to create positive change. Check out these three entrepreneurs that are winning the right way.

Raan and Shea Parton – Founders of Apolis (U.S.A.)
Brothers Raan and Shea Parton founded Apolis on the ‘advocacy through industry’ business model, which bridges commerce and microeconomic development. Apolis co-create products directly with manufacturers and producers, thus giving equal access to the global marketplace through collaboration.

Junjie Zhang – Founder of Sozen (China)
Junjie Zhang is the Founder of Sozen, a creative design company that focuses on using natural materials in Hangzhou, China. As part of its collaborative efforts with rural bamboo weavers, the company has brought its knowledge of innovative design and market demand to the traditional craftsmen of bamboo, thus giving this ancient and beautiful craft a new lease of life in the modern day.

Pablo Gonzalez Cid – Founder of Café Punta del Cielo (Mexico)
Pablo Gonzalez Cid founded Café Punta del Cielo ten years ago with the goal of building a company that would become Mexico’s authority on coffee while also giving back to the community. Today Café Punta del Cielo is a very successful business, that unlike some of the big players in the coffee business, is completely committed to the communities it works with.

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