The Louisville Startup Scene on Twitter

By June 14, 2014

What do you do if you’re in the Louisville startup scene and need a local designer, (or a developer or a marketer…) but don’t know who they are or where to look? One thing you can do is to check out the Velocity’s Twitter Lists.

Velocity's Twitter LIsts - Louisville Startup Scene

In January I started trolling twitter bios for Louisville based entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and developers. For good measure, I also created lists of Louisville startup companies and a few other categories. The result is a resource for everyone interested in the Louisville startup scene. If there is a certain skill set or startup that you’re looking for in Louisville, your easiest bet is to follow one of Velocity’s lists. I personally like to look at the lists a couple times throughout the day to see what’s going on and interact with friends as well as people that I may know of, but don’t know.


Velocity’s Twitter followers have grown 119% in 2014 due to the creation of these lists and we now have 982 followers. We’ve added about 120 new followers each month and you can follow Velocity on Twitter by clicking this link. Twitter was an early communication channel of choice due to the presence of the people we want to reach on the network and our sole focus has been to connect with startup entrepreneurs in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Due to our highly targeted and very limited scope, we’re really happy with our growth rate so far.

I realize that Twitter followers can be seen as a vanity metric, and they totally are when looked at by themselves. However, a twitter follower is not a vanity metric when they belong to a growing, local community.


Author’s Note: A version of this post was first published on Velocity Indiana’s Blog

Photo from Wikimedia Commons