Tech Wildcatters Pitch Day Recap

By May 27, 2011

Dallas seed accelerator Tech Wildcatters hosted its 2nd pitch day yesterday at the Magnolia theatre in Dallas. With a theatre full of investors, entrepreneurs, and community members, its seven startups gave their all in hopes of landing the funding they need.


Startups included:

Memory Reel – An event marketing mobile app that allows event hosts to create a comprehensive and interactive app for their event at a seven times faster and at a tenth of the cost of custom development. The team’s presentation started the day off with a bang as attendees downloaded the app to receive the day’s schedule, participate in contests, and share their thoughts throughout the day with internal app status updates.

Nimbix – A cloud computing application so advanced that I’m not near qualified enough to do it justice – visit their website for full explanation. The founders gave a phenomenal presentation explaining how their technology can increase productivity and progress in the most demanding environments, including financial analysis and genome research.

RentSavvy – Touted as the Pandora of apartment searching, the RentSavvy product was an impressive surprise to what I figured was just another apartment search app. The team’s demo left a great impression as they overlaid nightlight, neighborhoods, parks, and social hotspots over a map of Dallas, and showcased how their product makes moving suck a lot less by matching an individual’s lifestyle preferences with potential housing complexes.

Vignature – I had met the Vigature’s founder Matt Spradley a few weeks ago at a Dallas Startup Happy Hour. After asking about what he does, he quickly pulled out his phone and impressed me with how Vignature’s image-based verifiable electronic signatures could drastically reduce fraud. Multiply that first impression by 100, and you can calculate the impact that Vignature delivered on Pitch Day. The team illustrated how their technology saves companies’ time and money by eliminating the outdated fax process and decreasing fraud, a market with more potential that I had previously imagined.

MComm 360 – Did you know that fraudulent coupons cost companies’ billions of dollars each year? I didn’t either. Mcomm 360 is working to solve this problem with their mobile couponing app that ensures one-time use and secure coupon distribution, with a back-end that provides in-depth analytics and reporting. The company is already catching traction as they recently delivered great results for their first client – Pepsi.

Proxomo – Just about every mobile app these days ties into location, social, and an array of other ever-changing APIs. Proxomo saves developers time and hassle by integrating these into a single RESTful API (JSON, XML). Their presentation stood out due to the traction their product had gained and the extensive experience of their team.

Sparkcrowd – A mobile social gaming company, Sparkcrowd was a fun ending to Pitch Day. The team showcased their app Name Tag, which matches users by their social interests and allows them to earn points by meeting their matches and interacting through various games delivered through the app. They touted Name Tag as the first mobile social game that’s truly social because it focuses on giving people real-life interactions with new people, not just check-ins.

In the middle of all this, Hashable Founder and mentor to Techstars NYC Mike Yavonditte (@mikeyavo) gave the day’s keynote where he told the story of Quigo, the search engine marketing company that he sold to AOL in 2007.

We’ll keep you updated as the funding results are announced. In the meantime, be on the look out for more news as these companies continue to move forward, and check out the day’s coverage on KDAF 33 below.


Tech Wildcatters LogoFor more information on Tech Wildcatters, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @techwildcatters.