Stephen Lowisz, CEO of Michigan Based 21 LEAP, Launches A Concise Compendium of Proven Sales Principles

By October 19, 2018

The Midwest has consistently demonstrated a tenacity unlike other parts of the US. Even as startup energy across the US shows signs of slowing down, the Midwest is still coming out strong. Fresh out of Michigan, exhibiting this strength is a new e-book channeling this energy into the competitive world of sales.

21 LEAP announces the launch of The Sales Code, an e-book written by Founder & CEO Stephen Lowisz. The Sales Code is a comprehensive yet concise collection of sales principles that have allowed Lowisz and his team to close low- and high-ticket deals alike selling premium platforms and solutions to some of the world’s most influential businesses.

The author is clear that The Sales Code is not a training book. Rather, it’s a compendium of sales wisdom that provides a blueprint for implementing a scalable sales method. Lowisz draws on his considerable experience and success to break down his seven rules of The Sales Code, including “Know Your Value,” and “Clarity is the Modern Man’s Currency,” that are lessons in and of themselves.  

Lowisz is frank about the fact that he didn’t have these principles when he began. He attributes “continuous failure” early on in his prodigious sales career to being the motivation and the greatest teacher for perfecting his method for closing deals. By the time he was just 19 years old, he had already closed more than $1 million in revenue in a single year.

While Lowisz doesn’t completely discredit the value of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like email list sizes and page views, The Sales Code aims to help with the only metric that pays the bill: revenue.

“I’m a salesman first, marketer second,” says Lowisz in the introduction of The Sales Code. “Very few marketing companies are focused purely on driving revenue, with everything else coming secondary. My desire was to come up with a solution that leveraged marketing and ‘growth hacking’ strategies, but ended up with me closing deals, not with pointless traffic or free trials that wouldn’t convert.”

The Sales Code stands out from traditional sales literature thanks to its conversational yet focused style, in which Lowisz provides readers with classic sales mistakes and how to remedy  them. At turns humorous and entertaining, every page has wisdom that any business — from a bootstrapped startup to an established bluechip — can use to sell effectively and with integrity.

The Sales Code can be downloaded for free at

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