SIRP partners with Z Services to offer Security Orchestration & Automation Platform for enterprises across the Middle East and North Africa

By May 15, 2019

Chicago, IL— On May 15, SIRP announced a major partnership with Z Services, a leading cybersecurity SaaS provider in the MENA region, to deliver Security Orchestration, Automation and Response solution across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

SIRP offers a unique Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform that combines security operations management with valuable cybersecurity intelligence. Z Services is the first company in the MENA region to offer an in-country, multi-tenant cloud security architecture that include web security, email security, cloud access security (CASB), forensic, incident response, unified access management and endpoint security-as-a-service (SaaS)

The partnership will see SIRP join Z Services’ comprehensive portfolio of cloud cyber security solutions. Customers will be able to manage security of their cloud and on-premise technology infrastructure using SIRP’s security operations platform, benefitting from the SOAR approach for the first time.

The platform provides a powerful interface presenting multiple streams of cybersecurity intelligence in a clear format. Incident response times are significantly reduced through automated playbooks and workflows, which also decreases workload for security teams.

It also offers a strategic edge through threat intelligence and risk management functions. Orchestrating this information into one powerful interface enables smarter automated decisions by considering the level of threat in relation to the overall activities of the organization.

Z Services customers can now add an extra layer to their cybersecurity defenses with this advanced platform which fuses incident management, risk management, vulnerability management and threat intelligence information.

“Our mission is to provide a platform which helps effectively manage cybersecurity operations. By partnering with Z Services, we will be able to leverage our security orchestration, automation and response platform to customers in the MENA region and help them enhance their cybersecurity strategy, said SIRP’s Co-Founder Faiz Shuja.

“Providing the latest cloud security technologies is part of our commitment to ensure our customers’ digital infrastructure is always secure.  By adding SIRP’s SOAR platform to our portfolio,” said Z Services Sales Director, Saed Sakran. “We are delivering our mission of becoming the most innovative cybersecurity operator in the region and meeting all challenges our customers might face.”