Shoestagram: A Bootleg Alternative To Google Glass?

By April 2, 2014


“Wearing Google Glass divides your attention between the “ok Glass world” and the real world. That much is obvious. You can’t have an active screen hovering over your right eye and remain completely focused on the real world.” At least, that’s what it says on their website.  Shoestagram, which was released as an April Fool’s joke by yesterday, offers a bootleg alternative to Google Glass.


Check out their “Rashoenale for Shoestagram” here and see Sven’s story below, which shows you that being distracted is painful.  And if that’s not enough, you might just watch to see him crush his Google Glass with a grill.

What do you think? Even though this is an April Fool’s joke, is it really such a bad idea to unplug for a bit? Or, at least, maybe we should just be more aware of how technology is impacting our lives and those around us. After all, we don’t need any more “glass holes.”






Sven’s Story