Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say: “We’re Not Too Concerned With Profit Right Now”

By January 26, 2012

It’s happened. Thanks to the guys at, “Shit People Say” has come to the entrepreneur-world, hilarious truths blazing. While I don’t know an entrepreneur that would ask what the “difference between a VC and a angel is” ( at least openly), most of the one liners hit the nail on the head. And the video should probably be named ‘Shit Startups Say’ because lets face it, boot-strapping entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury, or too much sanity, to say, “We’re not too concerned with profit right now.”
Here’s some other gems we love:

  • It’s like Groupon, only bigger!
  • A/B Test, then pivot, and if you still don’t know pivot again.
  • I’ve not slept in three days.
  • Connect it to Facebook, viral spread. BOOM, BOOM!
  • All we need is like 1 or 2% of the market and we’re billionaires.
  • Get like a billion people on the site. Throw up some ads. Bop, bop!