Queue the Thunderdome

By August 18, 2010

A couple of interesting things happened today:

My weekly column launched on Crains: “A case for Chicago as SIlicon City” and, according to the editor, got “LOTS” of traffic. While I was lstill living in San francisco in 2007 and the idea of a TechCrunch for the Midwest was just percolating in my noggin, I thought that if I made it back to Chicago it would be great if other entrepreneurs, early adopters, risk takers and adventurers would share my passion and enthusiasm- the lack of a coherent community is what drove me out to San Francisco in the first place… that and I had to see it for myself.

I would sit in Ottimista, flirt with cocktail waitresses, female wine drinkers and single handedly drink enough wine to keep the place afloat for a month (at least) while I would talk to anyone that didn’t run away that Chicago had all the talent it needed to be a powerhouse in the startup world.

This often worked for meeting women because in the Marina district women heard the word “startup” and immediately thought “possible millionaire in the not too distant future”. I did not dissuade them of their illusions. It also let me talk aloud the ideas I had for Chicago and then one day I said, “If only we had our own TechCrunch”

Fast forward to today and I find the man himself, Michael Arrington, following me on Twitter. Now I’m not saying we’re getting a beer anytime soon- but the man knows FG exists and that is why I started this journey in the first place- not to meet Arrington (although that would be cool) but to elevate Chicago’s standing and get it the recognition it deserves as well as stop the brain drain to the west coast.

Why did I title this article Thunderdome? Who can say?

Keep hustling Chicago and don’t stop your momentum- we are finally going to light this city up!