Power2Switch: Transition of Power to the People

By September 20, 2010

By Kristin McMahon

Small Businesses Given the Upper Hand in Relationship with Electrical Companies

The art of comparison shopping is often confined to homes & vehicles, advanced electronics, hotel rooms, air fares, & potential mates. Fortunately, the refreshing new venture, Power2Switch, offers the public one more industry to hem and haw over. Power2Switch redefines the standard relationship between consumer & electrical supplier by presenting a side-by-side comparison of prices & energy solutions from several electrical providers. Not only does this allow the public to choose the most cost-efficient electrical solution for their needs, it also makes green energy more legible and accessible. Ultimately, Power2Switch is leveling the playing field that had been previously overrun by brawny electrical giants.

Founded by Seyi Fabode and launched in January 2010, Power2Switch has already renovated the landscape of utility consumption. Initially, when Fabode would request price quotes from prospective suppliers, the response was less than timely. It wasn’t until the electrical companies faced more demand from their sizable, corporate accounts, did they change their tune and comply with Fabode’s consumer friendly concept. Currently, Fabode can lasso a quote within a matter of minutes to provide users the most accurate array of power alternatives available. At this time, Power2Switch is helping sand down energy bills for small businesses and plans to include residential consumers by next year– once the electrical vendors can adjust to the new demand. As Power2Switch progresses, the new transition of authority could result in reduced rates, supplier transparency, and a customer focused approach to business across the industry. Who would have thought?

How To:
Simply plug in your electrical bill account information at Power2Switch.com and you’ll find a menu of competitive prices and new energy options from a wide range of electrical vendors. Next, follow Power2Switch’s painless procedure: search, switch, & save. And once you select a new vendor, Power2Switch & your respective electrical companies do all the leg work. They handle the switch to ensure your electricity never falters while the transition is taking place.

Savings are said to be approximately 5-10% off your annual utility bill.  A customer’s misunderstanding resulted in a serious testament to the Power2Switch savings power. The dramatically reduced rate on this customer’s utility bill led him to believe something had gone awry. He called Fabode to question the apparent miscalculation, only to learn that Power2Switch had, indeed, saved him a truly unbelievable amount of money. And, if Power2Switch continues its rise as a cost-cutting force on the Illinois utility scene, expect the savings to amplify, participating suppliers to multiply, and for additional utilities to become equally competitive.
Power2Switch is committed to giving a voice back to the people. A virtual power tool that drives electrical companies out of their comfort zone and demands they listen to their consumers. Still, Power2Switch is mutually rewarding for business savvy vendors with an aptitude for customer service.

How do you see Power2Switch changing the relationship between consumer and vendor? How powerful do you think this tool is? Will you give it a go?